SNL: Rachel Maddow Hijacks Glenn Beck's Chalkboard To Promote Gay Marriage

SNL Carville/Beck

In the SNL cold open last night, we got a preview of exactly how long the new “civility” among political television personalities is going to last.

Greta Van Susteren (Kristen Wiig), Sean Hannity (Bobby Moynihan), Michelle Malkin (Nasim Pedrad) and Glenn Beck (Jason Sudeikis) were trying so hard to tone it down!

Enter James Carville (Bill Hader).

“Let me tell you about my wonderful day today. I had a nice lunch with Arianna Huffington and Michael Moore and my friend Lucian. He’s a gay soldier. We ate at a vegan restaurant, which is nice because that means no animals got hurt. And that’s important because animals are just people with fur.”

The conservatives could barely take it, but that was nothing in comparison to what happened next: Rachel Maddow (Abby Elliott) hijacked Glenn Beck’s blackboard!

“Is nothing sacred?” Beck cried!

And so ended the era of civility.

Video below

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