'SNL' host Ronda Rousey made sure these mean girls would never bully the new girl again

“SNL” made good use of host Ronda Rousey’s MMA fighting skills in a scene we’ve seen go down in some form in high school movies over and over, but this time with a new kick-arse ending.

Rousey played the school’s new girl, who was invited on a date with the school’s clueless BMOC Chad, played by Beck Bennett. Everything is so romantic, until Rousey eats her soup and discovers it’s strangely crunchy.

It turns out the whole date was a high-production┬átrick engineered by Chad’s girlfriend (Vanessa Bayer, giving us full-on “Cruel Intentions'” Sarah Michelle Gellar).

“We played a trick on you, idiot,” Bayer informs Rousey. “Did you really think that my boyfriend, the most popular guy at South Jaffrey High, would ask the weird, new girl on a date? Wake up.”

But as Bayer continues her very lengthy mean girls speech, Rousey doesn’t use any words. She uses punches and kicks.

She even had a little left over for Chad.

Watch Rousey take on the bullies on “SNL” below:

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