Regina King and Kenan Thompson parodied the viral Gorilla Glue incident on 'Saturday Night Live'

Saturday Night Live/NBC/YouTubeKenan Thompson and Regina King starred in an ‘SNL’ skit as lawyers specializing in suing the makers of Gorilla Glue.
  • A “Saturday Night Live” skit made a nod to Tessica Brown, who’s become known as “Gorilla Glue Girl.”
  • Regina King and Kenan Thompson played lawyers who focused on suing the makers of Gorilla Glue.
  • Their “clients” gave testimonies on times they used the adhesive in place of beauty products.
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A “Saturday Night Live” skit took inspiration from the viral social-media saga of Tessica Brown, the Louisiana resident who said her hair was stuck in place for a month after using Gorilla Glue spray in place of hairspray.

Brown rose to social-media fame after documenting her many attempts to remove the Gorilla Glue from her hair. Recently, she underwent a procedure by LA-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng — who offered to try to fix her hair for free — and later could be seen in video footage running her fingers through her hair.

NBC’s comedy show parodied the interest in Gorilla Glue with a sketch about two lawyers — played by the episode’s host, Regina King, and cast member Kenan Thompson — who are dedicated to suing the makers of the adhesive products.

“Fact: Every day, as many as one people fall victim to using Gorilla Glue in place of a beauty product, and they deserve compensation,” King said.

“We all do. You should not have to go through life with hair like a Lego man,” Thompson added.

“We will get you money for Gorilla Glue, or the next best thing,” King continued.

“…a lifetime supply of Gorilla Glue,” Thompson said.

The skit also shows a series of “victims” who shared their testimonies about using the adhesive in place of beauty and hair products.

One character, played by Ego Nwodim, said: “I ran out of leave-in conditioner, so I reached for the next best thing — Gorilla Glue. Seems harmless, right? Well, it was not. And before you jokers on the internet say I should have read the damn label, I did. It just says ‘really strong glue,’ and ‘dangerous.’ That could mean anything, Gorilla Glue!”

Cecily Strong, who portrayed the wife of a fictional victim of wrongly using Gorilla Glue adhesive, mentioned using other name-brand household products in place of toiletries.

She said: “When we’re done, we’re coming for you too, Sharpie and Silly Putty.”

The “SNL” skit nodded to a report from TMZ about Brown that cited anonymous sources who said she was seeking legal advice around possibly suing the company. However, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight,Brown denied the claims that she was considering taking legal action against the brand.

TMZ reported that Brown will donate $US20,000 of the roughly $US23,000 she raised on a GoFund Me page to the charity run by the doctor who performed her procedure.

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