SNL mocks Democrats' leadership in a biting sketch featuring Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and 'Not' Hillary Clinton

  • “Saturday Night Live” made fun of the Democratic Party’s elderly leadership, as the party is trying to rebrand itself, in a sketch this week.
  • Several SNL cast member impersonated top Democrats like House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, and Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Tim Kaine.
  • Kate McKinnon also reprised her role as former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, while Jason Sudeikis made a brief cameo as former Vice President Joe Biden.

This week’s “Saturday Night Live” lampooned the Democratic Party as out-of-touch with everyday Americans with an ad that was “paid for by Republican presidential candidate Mark Cuban.”

The ad featured several SNL cast members impersonating prominent members of the Democratic Party, including House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Reveling in Democrats’ recent local and state election victories, Cecily Strong’s Feinstein said in a strained voice, “We’re back, baby!”

“The Dems are back!” said McKinnon’s Pelosi in a similar tone.

Mikey Day, impersonating Sen. Tim Kaine, then appeared and exclaimed, “We’re back!” in Spanish. Kaine, who was the Democratic vice presidential nominee during the 2016 race, often spoke Spanish on the campaign trail in an effort to connect with Hispanic voters.

Schumer, played by Alex Moffat, quipped that Democrats had not “felt this confident since the day before Trump won!”

Kate McKinnon’s Pelosi said that during last week’s local elections, Americans had embraced Democrats’ “fresh new ideas delivered by fresh new faces” like herself, Feinstein, Schumer, and Kaine.

Pelosi is 77, Feinstein is 84, Schumer is 66, and Kaine is 59.

Jason Sudeikis Joe Biden SNLScreenshot via YouTubeJason Sudeikis as Joe Biden

‘We need mouth-breathers from Wisconsin’

Cast member Leslie Jones also appeared in the sketch as Donna Brazile, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Brazile made waves over the last week after she wrote in her new book that she believed Bernie Sanders had been treated unfairly during the Democratic primary, and that she had considered replacing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden after Clinton suffered a brief fainting spell on Sept. 11 last year.

McKinnon’s Pelosi told viewers the party also has new leaders waiting in the wings, like “hot young thing Elizabeth Warren.” Jason Sudeikis also appeared briefly to reprise his role as former Vice President Joe Biden, telling the camera, “It’s Biden time!”

Biden considered running in the 2016 race before deciding against it. He is rumoured to be considering a 2020 presidential run.

Larry David, playing Sen. Bernie Sanders, came next. “I’m still around, too,” David-as-Sanders said.

Feinstein congratulated the party, in a strained voice, for winning the governor’s race in “two out of the ten states we care about,” referring to Democratic candidate Phil Murphy’s win in New Jersey and Ralph Northam’s win in Virginia last week.

Pelosi said that the party had learned its lesson from the last election and that it couldn’t appeal just to “coastal elites.”

“We need mouth-breathers from Wisconsin,” McKinnon’s Pelosi said.

“And window-lickers from Ohio as well,” Strong’s Feinstein said.

David’s Sanders jumped in and said the party would really listen to people, even if they weren’t politically correct. “Like these comics out there who think it’s OK to make jokes about concentration camps,” he added, referring to his controversial holocaust joke from last week’s SNL. “That guy should rot in hell.”

Kate McKinnon Not Hillary Clinton SNLScreenshot via YouTubeKate McKinnon as ‘Not’ Hillary Clinton

‘I think the Hillary idea could still work’

McKinnon then reprised her Emmy Award winning role as Hillary Clinton, saying she wanted another chance to run for president.

“Just one more chance,” she said, with a forced laugh. “And maybe one more chance after that.”

Jones’ Brazile interjected, saying she “thought she was dead” in a likely reference to Clinton’s fainting spell in 2016.

Schumer and Feinstein, who have both been in public service for decades, said the party needed “bold leadership” and “new blood.”

McKinnon then donned a mustache while dressed as Clinton and was credited as someone named “Not Hillary.”

“I think the Hillary idea could still work,” said “Not Hillary.”

After Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, and Kaine exclaimed that the “Dems are back,” the ad ended with a message, saying that it was paid for by “Mark Cuban for Republican president.”

Watch the sketch below:

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