'SNL' Open Mocks Obama Selfie And Mandela Sign Language Interpreter

“Saturday Night Live” cast member Jay Pharoah opened this weekend’s show with another spot-on Obama impression — this time addressing multiple controversies that occurred at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.

“I felt like Lemony Snicket, because I experienced a series of unfortunate events. First, I got roped into taking a selfie with the blonde, female Danish Prime Minister. Some people told me Michelle was angry at me for that, but I talked to her afterwards and I can assure you … she was furious. Then I got caught shaking hands with Raul Castro. In my defence, he told me he was Edward James Olmos. And finally, there was a sign language interpreter who clearly had no idea what he was doing.”

And then Kenan Thompson appeared playing the now infamous interpreter.

Watch the funny segment below:

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