Share Music Clips And Discover New Favourite Songs With An App Called Snippit

Snippit is an app and social network that lets you share small samples of music (“snips”) with friends.

If you’ve got the perfect song for the perfect moment and you want other people to know about it, Snippit makes it happen. Imagine another version of Twitter in which every tweet is an audio sample for you to listen to.

Song clips can be between 4 and 10 seconds long, and if you don’t have any digital music, the app connects with iTunes to download free 30-second samples. Check out the video below for more, or click here to take a screenshot tour of the app. Snippit is available for free in the App Store right here.

The first time you start the app, instructions will walk you through how to use it.

You can use music that's already on your phone or grab a free 30-second song preview from iTunes.

I don't have any music on my phone, so let's visit iTunes to get a sample.

Tap the button to download the 30-second sample for free. If you want to use a part of the song not included in the sample, you can buy the full song in-app.

Again, handy directions so you don't get too lost.

Our sample is loaded and its time to edit. We can stretch the section out to as long as 10 seconds. This five-second chunk is nice, so let's hit 'Next.'

Here we can add some text to describe the song, tag other Snippit users to be sure they see it, or add a location if you want.

We can even add a fun cat picture. Hit 'Publish' to share it.

This puts your clip/picture out into all your friends' feeds, like a Facebook newsfeed of music.

Scroll down to see your friends' shared snips.

The app is also pretty well-suited for music discovery, letting you browse shared snips by genre.

If you hear something you like, you have a number of sharing options.

Connecting with friends is what will make the app fun and useful, so be sure to use its automated friend-finder that combs Facebook and Twitter for your contacts.

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