Here's what happens when you get a lot of sneaker heads in one room

Sneakerheads, people who love sneakers, are serious about shoes.

On Saturday, the Javits Center in New York hosted a conference for such people called Sneaker Con.

Two fans got into some sort of altercation, Complex reports.

It’s not known why the fight broke out, but as you can see from the below video, it got serious at one point. One of the guys took the other to the ground.

Fight at sneakercon
— don maloney (@sumthinliii) July 25, 2015

The two sneaker fans apparently didn’t get too far before giving up and parting ways.

In the last decade, sneaker collectors have evolved from a subculture to a full-fledged consumer class. Retailers have been quick to capitalise. Music and fashion moguls Drake and Kanye West have signed shoe deals with Nike and Adidas, respectively.

Before them, rappers, Nelly, 50 Cent, Eminem and music mogul, Jay Z have all branded and/or designed shoes for various athletic brands.

Many of these sneakers can cost hundreds of dollars — a distinction that once belonged only to the fanciest of dress shoes. But, sneaker heads — perhaps like any other devoted collector of merchandise — have proven they’re willing to pay for the privilege of owning the next great pair of kicks.

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