Snapchat's new partnership plays to its advantage in mobile video ads over Facebook, Twitter and Google

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Mobile messaging app Snapchat, advertising giant WPP, and media outlet Daily Mail are teaming up to launch Truffle Pig, a new global content marketing company.

Partners of the associated firms announced the new venture Tuesday morning at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Truffle Pig aims to help brands with their content planning, development, creation, and analytics across digital media and social platforms, according to Daily Mail.

The company will largely focus on mobile video ads, with an emphasis on Snapchat’s vertical ad format. New content will first be tested on, Elite Daily, and Snapchat, but it will likely expand to other digital media platforms in the future.

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Snapchat’s vertical video ads, dubbed as 3V advertising by the messaging app, could be incredibly attractive to advertisers. Vertical videos have an engagement rate nine times that of horizontally oriented ads, according to metrics published by Snapchat.

Vertical ads on Snapchat also take up the entire mobile screen. This is a huge advantage over competitors like Facebook and Twitter, whose native ads are horizontal and can be lost among other in-feed content.

Before Truffle Pig, Snapchat’s unique 3V format meant that advertisers could not reuse ads from other mobile campaigns, making it an expensive venture, according to Bloomberg. However, Truffle Pig’s mission to bring the vertical mobile format to other digital platforms could eliminate this cost concern for advertisers.

Truffle Pig may encounter major hurdles in wooing the advertising industry.

First, the firm must prove to brands that its functions are essential. Many ad agencies and media outlets already help brands with creating sponsored content and could find a partnership with the firm redundant.

Secondly, the company must prove that its strategy, which is largely reliant on Snapchat’s ad format, is effective. While the vertical, full-screen format is promising, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has made it clear he does not support the use of targeted ads. This could pose a major drawback for advertisers and brands that value targeted ads on digital platforms.

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