Snapchat's New Feature Lets College Students Post Snaps To A Campus Live Feed

Snapchat Our StoryYouTubeTiesto uploads a snap to ‘Our Story’ at a music festival.

Snapchat keeps adding new features. The latest one is called “Our Campus Story.”

“Campus Story” expands upon “Our Story,” which lets Snapchat users at a particular event, like a music festival, upload a snap to a central live feed.

“Campus Story” is similar, allowing students to upload snaps to their college’s central live feed, but you’ll need to be physically present on the campus grounds in order to post or watch,¬†according to The Verge.

It’s currently only available at a few college campuses to start:¬†University of Southern California, Penn State, University of Texas at Austin, and the University of California, Los Angeles.

To prevent rowdy students from creating a live feed of questionable activities, Snapchat says it will keep an eye on each school’s “Campus Story,” allowing only appropriate photos and videos to be uploaded.

Snapchat first experimented with the concept of weaving together photos and videos into a 24-hour visual status of sorts with the introduction of “My Story” a little over a year ago. “My Story” was a hit, with over 1 billion Stories being shared every day.

With “Campus Story,” Snapchat appears to be trying to craft a similar live feed for colleges, but is smartly turning it into a collaborative effort for its student users, rather than simply creating a college administrator-run feed.

If “Campus Story” takes off, you can expect to see it expand to other campuses as well.

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