Here's Video Proof That Your 'Deleted' Snapchats Are Totally Retrievable

A YouTube user named Nick Keck has uploaded a video demonstrating that your Snapchat videos can still be retrieved despite the inherent confidential nature that’s made the app so popular, reports Vice.

The demonstration only addresses this flaw as it pertains to videos, but it seems to be a reasonable leap of logic that (as expressed by Keck) if videos are retrievable, pictures are retrievable.

There’s a big caveat though for you privacy-obsessed folks out there — this is not proof that Snapchat saves your stuff on their company-owned servers. The only thing this demonstration shows is that the message remains saved on the recipient’s device. To retrieve it, one would have to be at least slightly tech-savvy to navigate the phone’s file system, whether it’s on a jailbroken phone or by way of computer software.

Note: The demonstration below makes use of a jailbroken phone but doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the vulnerability. In this case it was jailbroken to install the iFile app to browse the phone’s file system.

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