Photo-Sharing Tipping Point -- Snapchat Is About To Surpass Facebook In Daily Photo Uploads

Snapchat now accounts for nearly half of all photos uploaded daily to the top photo-sharing platforms.

Snapchat users now upload and share 350 million photos daily — the same volume generated by Facebook users. That number is up from 200 million in June, and 150 million in May.

Together, Snapchat and Facebook account for 92% of photos uploaded daily by the top four photo-sharing platforms.

Meanwhile, Instagram (a Facebook property) is generating 55 million photo uploads each day for a 7% share.

Comparing this data to the previous instalment of this chart in May 2013, it’s clear that Snapchat has been eating away at Facebook’s share of daily photo uploads.

When you consider the fact that photos are the most-shared type of content online, Snapchat begins to look like an enticing acquisition target. That said, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said at TechCrunch Disrupt earlier this month that the company has never received a formal acquisition offer.

With its disappearing photos and videos, some people have likened Snapchat to more of a messaging app than photo-sharing. With that comes questions regarding monetization. If Snapchat plans to position itself as a marketing platform, will brands sign on for messaging that disappears after 10 seconds?

Brands are experimenting with marketing on Snapchat, but the return on investment of such efforts is still unknown.

Download the charts and data in Excel.

Here’s a breakdown of photo-sharing in May 2013:

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