You can use Snapchat to see what you'd look like wearing Spectacles

Snapchat spectacles filterBusiness InsiderWe’re not wearing the real Spectacles, just using the filter.

Snapchat’s famous filters normally transform users into deer or put a ring of flowers around their head.

Now, Snapchat is using them to do something else: let people try on its Spectacles.

A new filter in the app lets people see what the three shades of glasses and the frames would look like on their face.

Snapcode SpectaclesSnapScan this to try on the Spectacles for yourself.

But there’s a secret: you have to unlock the filter by scanning a special Snapcode from the Spectacles website with your camera in Snapchat.

It then opens a window asking if you want to download the special lens for the next 24 hours.

For now, the special Snapchat filter is the only way you can try on the glasses before you buy them. Even the Spectacles’ vending machine, named the Snapbot, uses an AR filter to show what you look like in them before you buy.

The limited-edition camera-sunglasses have already sold out on their first day — and they’re going to be hard to come by since the vending machine that sells them will move around every 24 hours.

Trying them on in Snapchat will be the closest most people come to trying out the smart sunglasses before they’re widely available.

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