Signs are already popping up teasing the new Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat appears to be teasing its highly-anticipated Spectacles in plain sight, suggesting they could launch soon.

Billboards popped up this week in California, New Jersey, and New York with a different type of Snapchat ghost: this one has a goofy set of eyes. 

In New York, the company had covered a Wall Street storefront with its ghost — only to change its eyes five days later, Twitter user Zach Khan pointed out to Business Insider

 The new eyes perfectly match the logo shown at the end of its leaked Spectacles promotion video.

The glasses could be unveiled at AdWeek on Monday when its Chief Strategy Officer, Imran Khan, delivers his keynote.

Snapchat fans have spotted the billboards in other locations like Hoboken, New Jersey and Snapchat’s hometown of Los Angeles. 

In San Francisco, there’s a billboard of the new ghost in the SOMA neighbourhood that’s a hub for a lot of startups. 

Snapchat has been tight-lipped about what it’s been working on for years, and the leaked “Spectacles” video is the first at what the product will look like.

Get ready to see more googly-eyed ghosts in the future.

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