SNAPCHAT COMPETITOR: 'The Last Thing I Want To Do Is Sell To Facebook. They're The Devil.'

Nico Sell is co-founder of Wickr, an encrypted self-destructing messaging service comparable to Snapchat.

When we asked her about Snapchat’s recent decision to turn down a monstrous $US3 billion sale to Facebook, she said it was a savvy move.

“Snapchat’s worth more than $US3 billion,” she said. “It’s as big as Facebook and is still growing exponentially. They have yet to really go international as well. When I ask people from outside the U.S. about Snapchat, they haven’t heard of it. So there’s still growth to come.”

If a jilted Facebook were to turn its sights to Wickr for an acquisition, Sell told us that she would not only turn down a $US5 billion offer from Facebook, she would turn down any and all offers from the company.

“The last thing I want to do is sell to Facebook. They’re the devil,” she said. “This type of a communication is a human right. Everyone in the world deserves it, and I’d never sell to a company that would complicate that.”

Sell’s position that Facebook would “complicate that” is a reasonable one. Facebook has a less-than-stellar reputation when it comes to matters of privacy and handling user data.

In a previous interview with Business Insider, Sell went over some of the basics of Wickr: “No one else can see the message except the person you sent it to and on the device you sent it. So even if someone was to try to intercept there’s nothing they can do with it. It doesn’t touch servers except your phone. We’ve taken standard encryption and found a really great way to make it easier to use[…] Wickr is 100 times better than Snapchat because you can send longer messages, up to 6 days, it’s secure, anonymous, and private. Much more full-featured.”

Founded in 2012, Wickr is run by a collection of people specializing in a number of fields ranging from cryptography to privacy and security. The company’s app is free, and you can grab it here.

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