Snapchat says 42 million people are watching its NFL content

Snapchat says 42 million people watched its NFL content this season, up from 30 million during the 2015-2016 season.

NFL was the first sports league to appear on the Discover section of Snapchat, giving users a way to access football content daily.

Alongside the Discover channel, Snapchat created geofilters for each NFL team and lenses for the Super Bowl. Snapchat says the lenses it created for Super Bowl Sunday, which let users apply Pats or Falcons helmets to their selfies, were seen more than 67 million times.

Even in the offseason, Snapchat will continue to provide fans with content from the NFL Combine and the draft in April.

The timing of this announcement is not insignificant, given Snapchat parent company Snap’s IPO this week. As investors, analysts, and other observers question whether Snapchat has enough in the tank to fuel both user growth and user engagement, the company is highlighting it can serve as the home of premium content that a sizeable audience actually wants to watch.

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