Snapchat Has Been Taking This Pitch Deck Around To Advertisers

Digiday’s Matt Van Hoven has a pitch deck Snapchat has been taking to potential advertisers.

In it, Snapchat reveals updated user metrics and educates brands about its product offerings. Here are the latest usage stats:

  • 700 million snaps are viewed per day, up from 50 million at the end of 2012.
  • 1 billion stories — a thread of snaps that can be seen for 24 hours — are viewed per day

Here are all of Snapchat’s offerings, some which launched a few weeks ago:

In the deck, Snapchat encourages businesses to sign up and start experimenting on its platform. It recommends snapping promotion codes, exclusive announcements, celebrity take-overs and teasers. Brands can also see how many people view and screengrab every snap they send. Brands already on Snapchat include MLB, MTV and Taco Bell.

There aren’t any ad rates in the deck; the goal of presentation appears to be mostly educational — a first step to onboarding brands and getting the familiar with the offerings before Snapchat starts charging them.

Here it is, via Digiday.

Snapchat business deck

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