Snapchat Is Launching Its First Web Series, And It Stars Steven Spielberg's Daughter

Spielberg familyDonato Sardella/Getty Images for Coalition for Engaged EducationFrom left: actresses Jessica Capshaw and Kate Capshaw, director Steven Spielberg, and actress Sasha Spielberg in Santa Monica, California, last year.

Snapchat is releasing a new web series on its new Snap Channel, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The series, called “Literally Can’t Even,” will premiere Saturday. Snap Channel is part of Snapchat’s new feature Discover, which the company unveiled earlier this week.

Discover allows Snapchat users to view pieces of news in the form of Snapchat Stories. After 24 hours, the stories self-destruct and new content replaces them. Snapchat’s partners for Discovery include CNN, Vice, Comedy Central, National Geographic, and ESPN.

Written by Sasha Spielberg — the daughter of Steven Spielberg — and Emily Goldwyn, the daughter of film producer John Goldwyn, “Literally Can’t Even” “stars the friends and writing partners as comedic versions of themselves — Spielberg recently single after a long relationship and Goldwyn embarking on a six-month cleanse — and follows them on a series of misadventures in Los Angeles,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

New episodes will be added every Saturday, but each episode will self-destruct after 24 hours, much like Snapchat Stories or the content available in the Discover feature. Episodes are five minutes or less and “often employ a split screen to pack each shot with details from the scene,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Rylee Ebsen is director of the series and also serves as Snapchat’s media production director. Ebsen told the Hollywood Reporter: “Snapchatters consume and create and we’ve always embraced that. When it came to Discover, we wanted to have a seat at the table. It felt weird to not have our own voice as well.”

Read the Hollywood Reporter’s full story here.

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