3 Must-Watch Videos Show Why The Guy Suing Snapchat Could Win Millions Of Dollars

Snapchat reggie brown Bobby murphy evan SpiegelLA County Superior CourtThe founders of Snapchat celebrate its launch: Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel.

Snapchat is being sued by Reggie Brown, a former classmate and fraternity brother of CEO Evan Spiegel and CTO Bobby Murphy.

Brown alleges he was the app’s third co-founder and says he was wrongfully ousted from the company. He is after one-third of Snapchat. It’s a lot like the Winklevoss vs. Facebook lawsuit, which awarded the Winklevoss twins tens of millions of dollars in Facebook stock.

In the past two weeks, Business Insider has published never-before-seen deposition videos from April in which Spiegel gives a lot of credit to Brown and expresses regret about what happened.

The key moments are summarized below:

1. The premise for Snapchat, photos that disappear, was Reggie Brown’s idea according to Evan Spiegel.

“Did you come up with the idea for Deleting picture messages?” A lawyer asked Spiegel during his deposition.

“No,” Spiegel replied.

“Did Bobby come up with the idea for deleting picture messages?”

“No he did not.

“Who came up with the idea?”

“Reggie did.”

2. Spiegel seems to think Brown may deserve "something" for his early work on Snapchat, even though he was never given equity. He told lawyers during his deposition: "Reggie may deserve something for some of his contributions." 3. Spiegel and Brown used to be good friends, which makes you wonder if either of them regret what happened. It turns out Evan Spiegel has a lot of regrets when it comes to Reggie Brown. Spiegel told lawyers during his deposition that he "lost a good friend" and wishes he hadn't yelled at Reggie so much during Snapchat's early days. But he also told lawyers he feels victimized by Brown.

"I regret inviting him to my house [to work on Snapchat]. I regret spending that time with him at my house. I regret giving him so many chances ... He exploited my attempts at generosity ... the generosity was giving Reggie an opportunity to work on something like this … for experience that he didn't have."
While Spiegel has regrets about his former friend, he says he doesn't regret Brown sharing the disappearing photo idea with him.

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