Snapchat isn't working for a lot of people

  • A lot of people are having trouble using Snapchat.
  • The company is aware of the issue and working on a fix.

Snapchat was hit with a widespread service outage on Monday that sent many users into a state of frenzied panic on social media.

The company acknowledged on Twitter that “some” users were having trouble using the app around 3:30 PM Eastern on Monday and said in a later tweet that a fix was being worked on.

It’s common for social networks to experience sporadic, brief outages, but Snapchat’s messaging service appeared to be not working for at least two hours on Monday. The outage doesn’t seem to have affected the ability to view already-posted stories from other users and the app’s Discover section for publishers like The Daily Mail and BuzzFeed.

Some users quickly took to Twitter to express their frustration over potentially losing “Snapstreaks,” which are numbered emojis shown in the app that signify how many consecutive days two users have messaged each other.

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