A New Snapchat Hack Sends Pictures Of Smoothies To People

A new hack is happening on Snapchat causing accounts to send pictures of fruit smoothies to people. We first saw this on Wired.

The images are embedded with a URL called “Go to Snapfroot.com” that takes people to AllRecipes.com for smoothie recipes, but the hack is relatively harmless.

This is happening almost two months after 4.6 million usernames and passwords were leaked. A similar hack occured over the summer with Instagram, with people posting spammy images of smoothies.

There’s an easy way to fix this. Wired advises that users change passwords frequently and don’t use the same one for multiple sites. A Snapchat spokesperson told Wired that they had no evidence it was a brute force attack.

“It’s mostly cases where someone has your email address and password and gets in on the first try,” according to the spokesperson.

Check out what the images look like below:

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