A fake chain message on Snapchat says all your 'Memories' will be deleted if you don't share it -- Don't worry, it's not true

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
  • There is a fake screenshot making the rounds on Snapchat, saying that the app plans to delete the saved photos, aka “Memories,” of users who do not share the image with all their friends.
  • Snapchat confirmed that the rumour is not true on Tuesday, via an official Twitter account.
  • It is unclear how many people shared the fake announcement.

Snapchat’s support team tweeted a warning to users Tuesday about a fake announcement making the rounds, saying that the app would be deleting all the saved pictures, known in Snapchat as “Memories,” of users who didn’t share the image with all their friends.

It’s unclear how many people were fooled by the fake screenshot, but an official Snapchat account confirmed the rumours weren’t true:

Snapchat declined to comment further on the matter, but the fake announcement was most-likely made by someone impersonating the official Team Snapchat account, which occasionally does send updates and instructions to users this way.

A few users who had received the false alert, which is riddled with typos, posted it on Twitter:


Chain-style hoaxes are rampant on other social platforms-and of course, in emails-especially on Facebook, where a new chain status scam pops up every year or so.

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