15 Ridiculous Selfies Snapchat Employees Like To Send Their Friends

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel turned 24 this week (congrats!).

In honour of his birthday, we’ve put together favourite selfie faces of the 60-some employees who helped build the photo messaging service.

The images are taken from a Snapchat team video, in which a handful of employees show off their go-to selfies.

Caitlyn Czisny, a user advocate for Snapchat, makes the same face as Snapchat's logo, Ghostface Chillah.

She also makes this face with ears.

Juan David Borrero, who went to Stanford and does business development for Snapchat, makes the Ghostface Chillah face on the opposite side.

Chloe Drimal, who does business development and content for Snapchat, makes this I'm-disgusted-while-also-being-asleep face.

This contorted gem appears to be William Wu, a product designer for Snapchat.

McKenna Hoof, a user advocate for Snapchat, makes a face Texas Longhorn fans will love.

Josh Stone, who runs business development and partner relations at Snapchat, likes to look nauseous.

Neda Yazdani, who ditched Google to work for Snapchat, likes to make this creepy face.

Nick Allen formerly worked for Clinkle. Now he's a Snapchat product designer, and he makes this nice, confused face.

Daniel Smith, a software engineer for Snapchat, makes an I'm-so-high face.

Janelle Tiulentino, a software engineer at Snapchat, makes a strong Ehhh? face.

There are no words for this Snapchat employee's face.

David Kravitz, a software engineer, makes the I'm-in-pain face.

And here's how co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy take a selfie. Evan's face is called 'Thizz face.'

Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, founders at Snapchat

Now meet the people behind the crazy faces.

Neda Yazdani is an early Snapchat employee

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