There's a little-known Snapchat feature that lets you stop getting notifications from individual friends -- here's how to use it

A Snapchat feature called “do not disturb” lets users silence notifications from specific people or groups without letting them know; it’s one of the few well-received features on the Snapchat redesign that’s been rolling out these last few months.

The feature is inspired by those overly communicative friends who make you regret agreeing to push notifications, and is a great alternative to turning notifications off completely when your phone won’t stop buzzing.

Snap was a little late to the game, since Facebook Messenger and iMessage already offered similar options – that could even be why it was released with no word from the company when it came out back in January, shared instead by TechCrunch’s Josh Constine.

Here’s how to use Snapchat’s popular Do Not Disturb feature:

Find the contact you want to mute in your friends list, and hold down the contact’s name to get this screen. Then select “Settings.”


As part of the redesign, you have to swipe right from your camera to get to your friends list.

Tap “Do Not Disturb” to disable notifications from that contact or group, but note that nothing will happen right away.


If the “Do Not Disturb” option doesn’t appear, you might not have the most updated version of the app.

To see if it worked, you have to tap out of the contact’s menu completely and then go back to it to see if the “Do Not Disturb” option changed to say “Turn On Notifications”


If it changed, you’ll know the deed is done, but the person or persons you silenced will be none the wiser.

This is different from the Mute Story option, which is located just above Do Not Disturb and pushes the contact down your friends list when they add to their story, so you don’t even have to see it right away when you get on your feed.

Both are clearly popular among users:

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