Your Snapchat Photos Will Likely Never Be Safe, But It's Not The Company's Fault


Earlier this month, digital forensics examiner Richard Hickman found a way to resurface deleted Snapchat photos on Android devices. 

So we naturally wondered if there’s anything users can do to prevent this from happening. It sounds like there isn’t.

Hickman tells us that the software his firm, Decipher Forensics, uses will likely always be able to recover deleted Snapchat photos. Though, Hickman says this a theory that the company is currently testing. 

In this case, it’s not really Snapchat’s fault. Forensic software is designed to recover lots of things you delete, like your pictures, text messages, and web history. Besides, the process is by no means simple.

For starters, it requires someone to have access to your device. In order to recover the files, you also need to purchase a piece of software that costs north of $9,000. Once you pay for the software, it still takes about six hours to fully recover the photos. 

So even though forensics firms can rediscover your deleted photos, it’s not necessarily something that users should worry too much about.

Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel recently elaborated on how the company stores and deletes Snaps. Head on over to the Snapchat blog to learn more.

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