Look at Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel's bizarre Vogue shoot

The classic look of a tech CEO has evolved over the years from Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck to Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie to — Evan Spiegel’s corduroy suit?

The Snapchat CEO is the cover star of this month’s Vogue Italy, L’Uomo Vogue, and he looks nothing like the tech titans before him. 

Spiegel appears in a fur coat, holding a puppy. Another shot has him in a suit, leaning against a parking lot wall. Spiegel also dons a plaid suit to cross the street. It’s an entirely different — and entirely unforgettable — look than the traditional picture of a tech CEO in jeans and a hoodie.

While he may have won the title for most fashionable tech CEO, Spiegel’s photos have already gone viral on their own. And unfortunately for the Snapchat CEO, this photoshoot appears in print so there’s no way these photos will ever disappear.



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