Here's the music Snap's secretive CEO has been listening to ahead of his big IPO

Evan spiegel snapchatGetty/Scott OlsonEvan Spiegel, CEO and co-founder of Snap Inc.

Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat’s parent company, is an intensely private person.

As his company prepares for a potentially blockbuster IPO, the 26-year-old’s public profile is almost nonexistent. He rarely gives interviews, never tweets, and doesn’t have a public Facebook account. Even his Snapchat account isn’t widely known outside of his inner circles.

Curiously though, Spiegel does choose to regularly share his taste in music through Hype Machine, an app that lets you share tracks you’re listening to from places like SoundCloud and Spotify.

We recently perused Spiegel’s public Hype Machine account to see which tunes he’s listening to ahead of Snap’s big IPO. The LA native mainly likes dance pop, but he occasionally sprinkles in other genres with the likes of Bob Dylan.

On Wednesday, he listened to Louis The Child’s “Love Is Alive,” which Billboard described as a “sweetly-empowering” dance pop track from LA producer Elohim. He also ‘loved’ the song “Phones Down” by Lost Kings, a moody track with the chorus, “Why don’t you put that f**king phone down / Darling, so we can be alone now.”

The song he’s ‘obsessed’ with the most — a metric Hype Machine uses for tracks played the most frequently by an account — happens to be “Yea, Babe, No Way” by LANY, a youthful pop band from LA.

Spiegel’s love for music has been well documented over the years — he’s even considered running a music label within Snapchat at one point. Snap was the main sponsor for last year’s Santa Monica Pier Twilight music festival.

You can peruse Spiegel’s full listening history on his Hype Machine account. Snap cofounder Bobby Murphy also uses the service, but he doesn’t share tracks as regularly.

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