Snapchat Flaw Lets Some Users Save Video Clips

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Snapchat, a controversial app for sharing photos and now videos, has a problem: A developer has already found a flaw in its Android app which lets users save videos.Just like photos shared on Snapchat, videos are supposed to self-destruct after the receiver views them. 

But that’s not exactly the case with the Android app. After you view a video, it self-destructs as promised. But if you haven’t yet watched a video, Snapchat saves that video in your gallery. 

According to Bob Nisco, the developer who found the flaw, the video won’t show up in plain sight but will live in a gallery folder called “tcs_pahn,” which is easily searchable on Android devices. Once you find the video, you can easily copy and save that file to a different directory. 

“As an Android developer, this enrages me,” Nisco writes. “Did the developers take the time to even glance at the Storage Options section of the Android Developer guide? Simply put, an Android app should NEVER save data to the root of the user’s sd card. There is a very specific folder structure put in place, and yet Android developers continue to ignore these guidelines.”

We have reached out to Snapchat for comment and will update this story if we hear back.