Here's exactly why Snapchat thinks advertisers should spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per day on it

Snapchat just launched a new website designed to convince advertisers to purchase ads for the app.

In an introductory video, CEO Evan Spiegel explains why he thinks Snapchat ads are better than the competition. Snapchat is reportedly generating hundreds of thousands per day from its video sponsorships.

Snapchat ads don’t include what’s called a pre-roll video — ads that run before your content starts playing — which Spiegel thinks people find “annoying.”¬†All Snapchat ads are also arranged vertically so they fill the entire screen on smartphones, which is a big theme on Snapchat.

Spiegel also lays out the two forms of Snapchat advertising: premium and curated content. Premium content is essentially high-quality ads provided by Snapchat’s “editorial partners,” while curated content pulls in live stories collected from Snapchatters at events around the world.

You can see Snapchat’s entire pitch to advertisers below.

Snapchat emphasises it is THE place to reach millennials.

...and how a majority of millennials in the U.S. are on Snapchat.

Snapchat users are watching a lot of video.

Snapchat gives three main reasons to explain why millennials love Snapchat.

It also lists why brands are big fans of Snapchat too.

Snapchat users are also very active, which brands always love to hear.

Snapchat really wants to hammer home the point that its audience skews young.

Snapchat users also watch a lot of movies.

Snapchat firmly believes that mobile = vertical

Snapchat thinks this is how video ads should look on Snapchat, with an emphasis on vertical orientation.

Snapchat is committed to designing everything for vertical because it fills the entire screen and doesn't require people to change how they're holding their phone.

There has also been steady growth in vertical video.

Here's how Snapchat's ads stack up against the competition.

Discover is where Snapchat users go to see content from Snapchat's publishing partners.

These are stories that come from Snapchat users.

Snapchat's Live stories, however, come from the app's active userbase recording from various events.

Snapchat thinks its Live stories are the new TV.

Snapchat's Geofilter overlays are exploding in popularity.

Snapchat ends its pitch with a handy FAQ roundup to help answer any remaining questions advertisers might have.

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