Snapchat finally adds a way to wish your friends (or yourself) a happy birthday

It’s become a common practice to wish friends a “Happy Birthday” on Facebook.

As Snapchat is used more by millennials, it’s adding new ways to celebrate a friend’s birthday (or your own) so friends start celebrating on its social network too.

On Tuesday, the company is introducing new lenses that let friends send each other images with a special birthday message.

When it’s their own birthday, Snapchat users will see a special lens that they can apply to their own photos to let friends know it’s their special day.

To know when it’s a friend’s birthday, a cake emoji will appear next to their name. Friends can double tap it to send a special birthday message.

Unlike Twitter, which prompted users to enter their birthdays for the first time to add a birthday feature, most users who signed up after mid-2013 already gave Snapchat their birthday. It’s just the first time it’s putting it to use in a way like Facebook.

Snapchat users who want to turn on the feature and share their birthday with friends can enable it in the settings of their app.

The introduction of new lenses is the second time this week that Snapchat has made the app more personal. On Monday, the company introduced a way for users to design their own filters to overlay on top of photos, geared specifically towards events like birthdays or parties.

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