Snapchat just introduced a feature it paid more than $100 million for

BitmojisBitmojisAn example of a Bitmoji.

Earlier this year, Snapchat paid more than $100 million to purchase Bitstrips, makers of comic-style illustrations called Bitmoji, and now the purchase is bearing fruit. 

On Tuesday, Snapchat announced that it’s integrating Bitmoji features into the main Snapchat app.

Bitmoji is a sticker app that lets users create cartoon avatars that looks like themselves. The Bitmoji app was first launched in 2014, but Bitmoji had found traction before then with its first product, called Bitstrips, which used the same customised sticker concept.

Users will have to download the Bitmoji app separately — the feature won’t be totally integrated into Snapchat. But once your settings are linked, you can send Bitmoji stickers in chat or stick them on snaps. 

Here’s Snapchat’s official announcement: 


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