Snap just introduced new $200 Spectacles that look more like regular sunglasses

  • Snap has introduced new styles of its Spectacles camera glasses.
  • The new styles, nicknamed Nico and Veronica, cost $US200 and have a more fashion-forward look than Spectacles and Spectacles 2.
  • The glasses are available to buy on Snap’s website starting Wednesday and will be available at US retail locations like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Snap has unveiled two new – and more stylish – designs for its Spectacles camera glasses.

The new styles, nicknamed Nico and Veronica, take a more fashion-forward approach than previous versions of the Spectacles, which first launched in 2016. They’re also more expensive: the new styles will cost $US200. The original Spectacles cost $US130, while Spectacles 2 – which were introduced in April – cost $US150.

The key difference between Nico and Veronica and previous versions of Spectacles is the styling. The new styles look more like standard sunglasses, and it’s less obvious that they have built-in cameras.

And unlike past versions of the glasses, they only come in black-on-black, have polarised lenses, and instead of the bright yellow hard case that Spectacles 1 and 2 are known for, they come with a soft black case.

Snap Spectacles 2 NicoSnap

Otherwise, the new Spectacles have the same internals as Spectacles 2. They can capture up to 70 videos on a single charge, can take photos, and they’re water resistant.

Just like past iterations of Spectacles, Nico and Veronica require that you have the Snapchat app, and all the photos and videos you capture will automatically transfer to the app.

You can buy the new Spectacles styles on Snap’s website starting today, but they will only be available in limited quantities for now. The new styles will also be sold in physical retail stores like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, according to The Verge. In the past, Spectacles were only available to buy online or at one of Snap’s Snapbot vending machines.

Snap Spectacles VeronicaSnap

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