Snap Reaction To Windows Phone: It's Pretty Good

After Microsoft’s big reveal of Windows Phone 7 this morning, we had an opportunity to lay our mitts on the new handsets.

Our snap review: These things are pretty nice!

The OS was responsive. We liked scrolling through the tiles. The web was fast. Typing was a breeze. Office integration is good. And taking photos using a dedicated shutter button is a plus, as well.

Microsoft bulls shouldn’t get too excited, though. People were very positive about WebOS from Palm when it first came out. That didn’t work out so well. It’s going to be tough to sell WP7 phones against the iPhone in AT&T.

We only spent 10-20 minutes with the phone, so this is not meant to be a final verdict by any stretch.

Below is a clip of us playing with the phone. (Sorry it’s shakey, we filmed it with an iPhone 4 in one hand, and the WP7 phone in the other.)

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