Fangs Are The Latest Beauty Craze In Japan

japan fangs girl teeth
These fangs could do some serious damage

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While kids in the U.S. are asking about braces, girls in Japan are asking the dentist how they can get crooked teeth.The look, commonly known as snaggletooth in America, shows off a person’s “fangs.” The Japanese call it “Yaeba.”

Blogger Michelle Phan says, “the imperfection is considered desirable because it makes a girl appear more endearing and cute,” and it makes girls seem more approachable.

It’s common for people in Japan to have imperfect teeth since there aren’t many orthodontists around.

People in the U.S. spend over $100 billion annually making sure their teeth are absolutely perfect, according to the American Dental Association.

A procedure for some stick-on snaggle-fangs currently costs about ¥30,000 ($390) in Japan.

Dental surgery not your thing? Cat cafés are also a big craze in Tokyo.