Why SnagAJob Is Ranked The Best Small Business To Work For In America


Photo: SnagAJob

There’s a reason why the folks at SnagAJob.com ranked first on the Great Places To Work list.It could be the company’s Office Olympics, or chilli cook-offssing-alongs and talent show.

Whatever the reason, Snag-A-Job, a Virginia-based online hourly job-seeking service, makes sure that their employees wake up wanting to come to work everyday. 

“We define culture as the values and norms that we share as an organisation that guide our day-to-day behaviour and help us achieve our goals,” says Greg Moyer, chief people officer. “We expect a lot from people here, so having a workplace that infuses fun as a natural part of work keeps people more motivated and ignited.”

The company employs a Culture Squad in the office, where a representative from each department plays a role, to hold monthly event brainstorming meetings. Currently the squad consists of 14 members and rotates without a specific time-frame, allowing employees, called Snaggers, to each get a chance to represent their department.

“There aren’t a lot of parameters that the Culture Squad has to follow when dreaming up our events, but every event needs to tie back to, support and encourage one of our core values,” says Moyer. “Our three core values are collaboration, accountability and passion. They provide the framework that guides our behaviours and interactions. Every Snagger takes ownership of our core values so they have become a part of our DNA.”


Photo: SnagAJob

In addition to the event line-up, the office boasts an impressive environment for everyday leisure. There’s a WII, XBOX, foosball and ping-pong tables, a gym, and an on-site personal trainer and dry-cleaning services. Employees get great benefits, such as tuition reimbursement, 18 days of paid time off, seven paid holidays, and a referral program that awards employees $2,000 for new hirees. 

The Office Olympics is one of the biggest events of the year. Snaggers are broken into teams and each team determines the country they’d like to represent. Members of each team can choose to be an athlete and participate or be an ambassador and cheer on their team’s athletes. This year, Snag-A-Job’s Olympics consisted of the opening ceremony, chair soccer, chair curling, paper basketball, chair dancing, a hot dog eating contest and a staring contest.

“Snaggers are very passionate about our Office Olympics,” says Moyer. “Each team shows pride in their country in different ways, from dressing in traditional clothing from their countries to creating posters or signs around the office. Team Canada even stood up and sang the Canadian National Anthem during a company meeting this year.” 

The over-the-top fun in the office isn’t the only thing credited for making the company culture so reputable. According to Moyer, the mission statement is really the foundation of the business:

“Our mission statement—to put people into right-fit positions so they can maximise their potential and live more fulfilling lives—defines us as a company,” says Moyer. “We put a lot of emphasis on our mission statement so it’s more than words, but is the purpose for us to come to work each day. Who doesn’t want to work with enthusiastic people who have a zest for life?”

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