Smoking Shows A "Lack Of Discipline" That Could Ruin Your Wall Street Career

The most random bit of career advice in this FINS article on how to go from the 2 year analyst program at a bank to a millionaire billionaire, might also be the most helpful:

One final piece of advice to getting that MD title?

Don’t smoke. “It’s stupid,”¬†the co-CEO of Houlihan Lokey¬†said, “It’s self destructive and it shows a lack of discipline.”

The tip sounds only marginally important but at Forbes (where we used to work), there was a rumour going around that someone was fired after his boss saw him smoking outside of the building.

According to the rumour, the boss walked by his subordinate, inhaled the smoky cloud engulfing the air around him, and said, that’s it. I never liked him, but he’s a smoker, too? He’s done.

So might as well not smoke, live longer, and help your career.

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