These 6 Slides From Smith & Wesson Show America's Obsession With Guns

gun sales

Photo: Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson announced another monster quarter for gun sales. Some have argued that America’s gun business has been booming out of fear that President Obama would push through legislation to make it more difficult to purchase firearms.

Whatever the explanation may be, America’s gun makers are cleaning up on our government’s liberal interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Smith & Wesson recently gave a presentation addressing the health of it’s business and the industry.

We pulled the key slides that show exactly what’s going on with gun sales in America.

The market for guns has shown year-over-year growth in almost every month for the last three and a half years

Demand is healthy for both handguns and long guns like shotguns and rifles

But the biggest market is the market for pistols

There's plenty of room for growth across the board

Here's an illustrated history of S&W's

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