Smith & Wesson Sales Surge 28%, Shares Explode Higher

trigger of a gun

Photo: Stephen Z on Flickr

Gunmaker Smith & Wesson announced fiscal Q4 net sales jumped 27.7 per cent to $129.8 million, led by strength in polymer pistols and modern rifles.Shares are up 15 per cent today.

The stock has been a monster, up 81 per cent since the beginning of the year and 170 per cent since a year ago.

This is not entirely surprising.

Ever since President Obama was elected, firearms sales have been hot on concerns that he would push through policies that would limit people’s ability to get their guns.

“We are very pleased with our results, which include record annual and fourth quarter net sales and profits,” said CEO James Debney.  “In the fourth quarter, we continued to deliver strong sales growth with our world-class products, including our M&P polymer pistols and our M&P modern sporting rifles.”

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