We dropped, smashed, and soaked electronic devices and computer experts still recovered our data

How easy is it to recover data from your electronic devices after they have been dropped, soaked or smashed? Business Insider UK wanted to find out and put the question to the test.

With the help of data recovery experts Kroll Ontrack, we tried to destroy six electronic devices – a portable hard drive, USB stick, laptop, desktop computer, tablet and smartphone. We threw the devices from various heights, hit them with hammers and drenched them in water to ensure maximum damage.

Destroying the data is harder than you think. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t destroy all the data on the devices. Information was easily recoverable on the laptop, desktop and phone but was destroyed on the USB, hard drive and tablet.

Produced & Filmed by David Ibekwe. Special Thanks to James Cook and Kroll Ontrack.

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