One chart shows smartphones are doing what TVs and radios did in the past

Smartphones have certainly changed the way we live, and latest data suggest it’s now a vital part of our everyday lives.

According to new data from Gallup, charted for us by Statista, 41% of American adults aged over 18 check their smartphones at least several times an hour. Roughly 11% of them responded they check it every few minutes. Moreover, a staggering 81% of smartphone users said they keep their phone near them “almost all the time during waking hours.”

The survey was based on responses by 15,747 smartphone owners in the US.

The fact that Americans are nearly obsessed with their smartphones is nothing new. But it’s still not exactly clear what the consequences of this will be. Gallup suggests the biggest implication is that smartphones are allowing individuals to constantly stay connected to the rest of the world, doing what TVs and radios did in the past.

“Certainly the telephone and then radio and then television changed the way people relate to the world, and the smartphone, no doubt, is doing the same,” it said.

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