Android, iPhone, Or BlackBerry: Here Are The Smartphones Top Celebrities Use

Kim Kardashian

Celebrities: they make life worth living, right?

Here’s a look at which phone each of your favourite famous folks uses, based on the metadata in their tweets.

Jimmy Fallon, comedian: iPhone

Dave Krumholtz, actor: Android

Craig Ferguson, talk show host: iPhone

Kim Kardashian, famous: BlackBerry

Tony Hawk, skateboarder: Android

Jason Bateman, actor: iPhone

Katy Perry, singer: BlackBerry

Paris Hilton, famous: BlackBerry

Ben Kweller, musician: iPhone

Martha Stewart, television personality: BlackBerry

Nick Swisher, outfielder for the Yankees: iPhone

Bob Saget, comedian: iPhone

Lindsay Lohan, actress: BlackBerry

Justin Timberlake, singer: BlackBerry

Mark Cuban, investor: Android

The results!

iPhone: 6

Android: 3

BlackBerry: 6

Note: These celebrities were chosen randomly and with reckless abandon.

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