Smartphone Sales To Triple, Good News For Apple, RIM, Carriers

Smartphone sales are projected to more than triple worldwide in the next six years, from 10% of the overall mobile phone market last year to 31% of the market in 2013, according to research firm ABI Research. That’s good news for a lot of companies:

  • Phone makers with popular smartphones, like Apple (AAPL), Nokia (NOK), Research In Motion (RIMM), HTC. Throw Microsoft (MSFT) in there too, since its Windows Mobile operating system is on smartphones made by several manufacturers.
  • Carriers like AT&T (T), Verizon Wireless, and Sprint Nextel (S), which are looking for growth anywhere they can find it. During AT&T’s Q4 earnings call, CFO Rick Lindner said that smartphone users spend twice as much per month on service as their average subscriber.
  • Companies hoping to sell mobile content (or offer free, ad-supported mobile content). According to recent stats from research firm M:Metrics, U.S. smartphone owners are more than four times as likely as the average wireless subscriber to use the mobile Web, almost 10 times as likely to use mobile search, and more then four times as likely to use a social networking site or blog.
  • Companies hoping to sell mobile ads, lilke Google (GOOG), Yahoo (YHOO), etc. More smartphones means more mobile Web browsing means more ad impressions.

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