Smartphone Sales Are About To Explode And Apple And HTC Are On Top Of The Pack


Photo: ChangeWave Research

The latest data and charts from ChangeWave research suggest that smartphone sales are set to explode — thanks to a finally-recovering economy — and that Apple and HTC are the two smartphone brands in highest demand.According to consumer interest and satisfaction surveys, RIM is tanking, Motorola is slipping, and Palm is dead.

Smartphone buying intentions are at an all-time high: 16.4% of survey respondents plan to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days

Apple's iPhone is increasing in demand and so is HTC, maker of the finest Google Android phones. Motorola Droid interest is down and RIM is crashing. Palm is dead. Note that this survey was taken before the iPhone 4 Antennagate.

HTC's Google phones have given it a leg up over Motorola. Though the new Droid X may give Motorola a small bump this summer.

Apple iPhone owners are the most satisfied by far. HTC is next, but its owners are less than half as satisfied as Apple's. Note that this was taken before the iPhone 4 antennagate.

Apple iPhone satisfaction is flat but RIM's is falling fast. Note that this survey was taken before the iPhone 4 antennagate.

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