The international director of Google Play reveals what apps he has on his phone homescreen

Mark bennett google play international director smartphone homescreen work
Mark Bennett, international director of Google Play. Rob Price/BI

If you run Google’s app store, what do you have on your smartphone homescreen?

The Economist, Pokémon Go, and Clash Royale.

Google play international director mark bennett work smartphone homescreen android
A screengrab of Mark’s homescreen. Mark Bennett

On Thursday, Google held its annual Playtime conference in London. It’s a big gathering of developers where Google discusses what’s new in Android, and how developers can get the most of the mobile operating system to help serve their customers. The agenda contained everything from the high-level debate on the future of mobile to more prosaic subjects like self-promotion and user growth tactics.

At the event, Business Insider sat down to chat with Mark Bennett, the UK-based international director of Google Play, to chat about apps. He’s the man steering Google’s app ecosystem, and its app store, internationally — so we wanted to see what he had on his homescreen.

The answer: Lots of Google apps, as you might expect, as well as everything from publishing platform Medium to train booking app Trainline.

Here’s the full list, running left-to-right, top-to-bottom: The Economist, a news app; Trainline, for train ticket booking; Pokémon Go, the wildly popular augmented reality game; Uber; Play Books; BBC News; the Camera app, which weirdly appears twice; Facebook; Google’s Photos app; Play Music; Docs; Slides, Google Drive file hosting; Google Maps; Clash Royale, a multiplayer game from Supercell; a folder of Google apps including flatlining social network Google Plus; Gmail; Calendar; the Play Store; Sonos, an app for controlling Sonos speakers; the Camera app a second time; Messenger; an app from airline British Airways; Huddle, an internal app for organising meetings only available to Google employees; publishing platform Medium; Google Hangouts; the standard Android Phone dialler; and web browser Google Chrome.

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