The ease of digital payments is helping lift donations to charities

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  • Not-for-profit is a crowded space in Australia, with hundreds of charities seeking donations.
  • World Vision Australia has been able to attract new sponsors with the help of digital, mobile-first payments.
  • Digital payments offer a faster, easier way for people to connect with and support their preferred charities.

In today’s increasingly digital world, people are less likely to have spare change or bills in their wallets. This has presented a problem for many charities and not-for-profit organisations, which have traditionally relied on cash handouts from their donors.

Based on December 2017 research conducted by PayPal on Australian attitudes towards donating to charity, one in three Australians say they are more likely to donate to charity if they could do so with the help of digital technology (e.g. via a website or app). Despite this, over 70% claim they have never been given the opportunity to do so.

With consumers becoming used to paying for their weekly groceries, their fast food and their taxi rides electronically, any organisation requesting cash, cheque or even complicated online payments is set to fall behind. This includes charities, which may be missing out on countless dollars due to their failure to leverage new technology.

Fortunately, there is an exciting opportunity for charities to go digital with their payment systems. By doing so, they will make donating more convenient and engage a fresh demographic of community-minded, mobile-savvy donors.

World Vision’s mobile-centric view

World Vision Australia is part of a global organisation which for over 50 years has been engaging people to work towards the elimination of poverty. The charity “works with people across countries, cultures and faiths to achieve transformation”.

The work of World Vision Australia includes relief and development, policy advocacy and education about poverty, with an emphasis on personal growth, social justice and spiritual values. This is made possible with the financial support of generous Australians.

To make it easier for their supporters to make contributions and to ensure the charity can continue its good work, World Vision Australia has a strong understanding of the growing trend towards digital interaction on mobile and online platforms. The company believes everything they do must be clearly rendered on mobile and has now aligned their digital strategy towards being mobile-centric.

By creating a mobile-first strategy, World Vision is aiming to provide a simple experience and strengthen its relationship with donors. It is also aligning itself with current trends, which see consumers reaching for their smartphones dozens of times a day.

According to Pam Rebecca, who is World Vision Australia’s Chief of Strategy, Innovation and Digital, “In a digital world, donors expect experiences to be simple and frictionless. The next generation of supporters are much more digitally savvy and have a clear expectation to engage via digital. Increasingly, mobile experiences are central to any digital engagement.”

Now accepting digital donations

As well as being mobile-centric, World Vision Australia now offers contactless payment experiences. By integrating online payment services, the charity has streamlined the donation process and improved the customer experience.

Donor interactions with World Vision now take place most frequently across digital platforms. The charity has found that since taking the majority of transactions online, there has been an uplift in business and community impact.

To make donating simple, World Vision Australia now integrates Braintree payments on its online platforms. This allows supporters to donate without being directed to a separate screen or web page.

Integrating digital payments has helped World Vision improve the simplicity of the payment experience while offering supporters more choices about how they pay.

“Braintree’s market leadership has helped World Vision ‘future-proof’ our business. We now have a partner who can guide us into the future of digital payments. This allows us to cut down on administration costs and focus more on our core work of reaching and helping the world’s most vulnerable communities,” explains Pam.

How to make digital payments easier for charitable donations

Integrated online payment solutions attract a new generation of generous donors who are eager to support their preferred charity.

“By digitising payments, World Vision has secured access to new donors and found exciting new ways for donors to contribute. For charities willing to put mobile first, there is a real opportunity to break into a fresh market and start digitising their payment functions to better engage community-minded and mobile-savvy Australians,” says Pam.

Using simple software, Braintree is able to provide digital payment solutions which are straightforward, reliable and secure. This allows not-for-profits to adapt to the new digital age, leveraging technology to continue their good work with the help of their supporters.

Braintree helps businesses of all sizes accept and process payments to maximise business opportunities and revenue growth. Companies around the world including The Iconic, Harris Farm Markets and Belong (Telstra) in Australia benefit from the technology and support of Braintree coupled with the scale, backing, and confidence of partnering with a PayPal service.

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