7 smart questions you should ask in a business school interview

Wharton business school graduationFlickr / Jack DuvalIf it can be answered online, don’t ask it.

In a business school interview, you have to be prepared to answer some questions.

And you need to be prepared to ask them.

Asking questions during an interview can be an essential opportunity to get insider information about the program, as well as demonstrate interest, curiosity, and enthusiasm to your interviewer, writes Brian Precious, author of “Get In, Get Connected, Get Hired: Lessons from an MBA Insider.

However, any questions won’t do. The key to impressing your interviewer, he writes, is asking thoughtful questions.

A former recruiter for MBA programs at the University of Illinois, Purdue University, and Oregon State University, Precious has expertise as both a program and admissions director as well as an MBA graduate.

He says to avoid asking questions which can be answered online, such as how long the program is, how much it costs, or where the school is located.

Here are seven smart questions Precious suggests asking during your interview:

  1. How would you describe the culture of your program?
  2. Can you provide an example of a student with a background similar to mine who successfully transitioned to the XYZ industry at your school? If so, would it be possible to speak with him or her?
  3. What traits do you most often see in your most successful students?
  4. How does your program define student success?
  5. What new specialisations or courses are currently under development?
  6. What differentiates your program from others?
  7. Who are the three most successful recent alumni from your program, and where are they working?

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