Smart General Managers Can Pick Up Hidden Gems In The Second Round Of The NBA Draft Tonight

Steve Novak

Photo: Fox Sports

There aren’t that many spots on an NBA roster, and there aren’t that many basketball players in the world who can compete at the highest level.Most of the picks in the second round of tonight’s NBA draft will have perilously short careers, and some will never see the floor in an NBA contest.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden gems waiting to be uncovered each year. It’s possible to find reliable rotation players, and in rarer cases, even future All-Stars.

Take a look at some of the highlights of the second round over the 10 drafts, with players who are still making an impact in the league:


  • No. 35 Carlos Boozer, Cleveland


  • No. 47 Mo Williams, Utah


  • No. 31 Anderson Varejao, Orlando (traded to Cleveland)
  • No. 44 Trevor Ariza, New York


  • No. 49 Andray Blatche, Washington
  • No. 57 Marcin Gortat, Phoenix (traded to Orlando)


  • No. 32 Steve Novak, Houston
  • No. 42 Daniel Gibson, Cleveland


  • No. 35 Glen Davis, Seattle (traded to Boston)
  • No. 37 Josh McRoberts, Portland
  • No. 48 Marc Gasol, Los Angeles Lakers
  • No. 56 Ramon Sessions, Milwaukee


  • No. 34 Mario Chalmers, Minnesota (traded to Miami)
  • No. 45 Goran Dragic, San Antonio (traded to Phoenix)


  • No. 37 DaJuan Blair, San Antonio
  • No. 46 Danny Green, Cleveland


  • No. 39 Landry Fields, New York


  • No. 60 Isaiah Thomas, Sacramento

The attention given to picks in the second round can really separate the best general managers from the rest of the pack.

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