Smart Beacon Move Saves Facebook, Off to Races Again*

It took a while, but Facebook/Zuckerberg’s eventual response to Beacongate has restored our faith in the company and the man. (Infuriating users is not the quickest route to global dominance; refusing to acknowledge that you are infuriating users is even less efficient). More importantly for Facebook, the faith shown by users never wavered.

As Nick O’Neill at allfacebook observes, Facebook’s traffic jumped in November to nearly 30 million. In a year, the company has gone from being 1/6th MySpace’s size to 1/2. Within the next year, Facebook will almost certainly blow past MySpace and become the largest social network in the world.

*UPDATE: Sharp SAI readers quickly note TechCrunch analysis suggesting that perhaps as many as 2.3 million of the 4.9 million monthly gain came from Beacon partner sites, not visits to An important point, although the November gain excluding the Beacon partners is still noteworthy.

Chart courtesy allfacebook and Compete:

Compete November 07 Stats

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