Small patio inspiration that will help you transform your outdoor space

The Pretty Byrd House/Sophie/InstagramThere are lots of ways you can decorate a small patio on a budget.
  • People are searching for DIY small patio ideas over seven times more in 2020 than they were last year, according to data from Pinterest.
  • There are a lot of easy ways to spruce up your small patio, from investing in greenery to adding twinkly lights to the space.
  • Furniture that isn’t traditionally used in outdoor spaces can bring new life to a patio as well.
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Kristin brightened her small patio with a geometric table and a plethora of plant life.

Kristina/InstagramPlants are a great addition to a patio.

The cute setup has a little bit of everything.

The geometric table and chair offer the perfect place to cosy up with a cup of coffee, while the shelf of plants acts as both decor and an interactive focal point in the space.

Plants are a great tool you can use to redecorate your space without spending a lot of money.

Accessories make all the difference in this space.

Fox Hollow Cottage/InstagramYou don’t have to stick to traditional outdoor decor for a patio.

As Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage explained on her blog, she decorated her sun porch with an abundance of plants.

A cute rug, an egg chair, and baskets of blankets add to the inviting feel of the space.

You might not think to add non-traditional patio furniture to your space, but it might be exactly what your outdoor area needs.

The beachy vibe of this porch is easy to recreate with the right furniture.

Everything Emily Ann/InstagramYou can recreate the beachy vibe of this porch.

Everything Emily Ann used candles and plants to brighten up her balcony.

She also stuck with a beachy, blue colour scheme to make the space look cohesive.

Adding details like a curtain or cushion can take your patio to the next level without breaking the bank.

Adding your own personal style makes a big difference in an outdoor space.

Hannah’s Home Styling/InstagramYou can personalise an outdoor space.

This patio, designed by Hannah’s Home Styling, has a matching couch and table set that has a distinctly feminine vibe. It’s instantly inviting.

The floral decor on the egg chair adds a flair of style, as does the decorated ladder nearby.

Combining things you naturally gravitate towards, like flowers, with furniture will bring personality to your porch.

You can use lighting to make your space feel like a private oasis.

Edgar Alejandro G. Gonzalez/InstagramTwinkly lights are great for decor.

Edgar Alejandro G. Gonzalez’s patio is cute for a lot of reasons, including the rug and bright pillows.

But the hanging lights make all the difference in the space, transforming the patio from an outdoor area to a designated space for relaxation.

You can even use plain Christmas lights on your patio if you don’t want to buy a new string.

Your patio doesn’t have to be big to be inviting.

Mary P./InstagramStatement pieces are all you need.

An egg chair takes up a full corner of Mary P.’s balcony, and the use of a statement piece ensures the space feels full without being cramped.

She also didn’t go overboard with decor, keeping it simple with a few lights, small plants, and candles.

Mary’s space also shows that buying a rug that can handle outdoor weather will make your patio look more put together.

Even if your space is small, you can fill it with life.

Sophie/InstagramVertical decor is smart for small spaces.

Sophie took advantage of the vertical space she has on her patio, hanging plants and lights up high to make the outdoor area seem larger.

The big rug also brings the space to life, making it seem like more than just an outdoor area.

The space highlights the importance of approaching patio decor as a 360-degree experience.

A white colour scheme can make a space seem bigger.

The Pretty Byrd House/InstagramBright colours are a good choice outdoors.

The black-and-white colour scheme of The Pretty Byrd House’s patio is modern, but the addition of wood furniture and ivory around the door gives the space a timeless appeal.

And the faux-fur chair and cute door sign make the space look even chicer.

You don’t have to fill a patio with outdoorsy furniture if that’s not your style, especially if your outdoor space is covered.

Small accessories like an ottoman or a mirror elevate this patio with ease.

Nest of Notions/InstagramIt’s best to not go over the top on decor in a small space.

A neutral colour scheme prevents Nest of Notions‘ space from looking overwhelming, as it balances out the abundance of greenery in the space.

The blue pillow is the perfect pop of colour, and the ottoman can double as additional seating. It’s the perfect little escape.

Sometimes less really is more when it comes to patio decor.

You can see more patio inspiration on Pinterest.

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