Free Startup Food Is Great But Watch Out For The Weight Gain

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This is the final post in “10 Things You Need To Know In Small Business Right Now,” a six-part series sponsored by Capital One Spark. More posts in the series »

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Here’s what you need to know in small business:

  • All that free food at startups is a great perk, but you can easily develop a gut if you’re not careful. 
  • Small business sales are up, but hiring still lags, according to a Sageworks survey.
  • Maybe scale back on the coffee a little bit — it turns out caffeine may cramp creativity. 
  • If your business throws a Fourth of July barbecue, it looks like it’s going to cost more this year.
  • Founders are even more difficult to move on from when they’re the face of the brand.
  • Why Darby Smart’s founder left a comfortable Goldman Sachs job to start a business.
  • Advice on running a small business from the various winners of the SBA’s state Small Business Person of the Year awards, including national winner John Stonecipher. 
  • Technology helped one Virginia entrepreneur survive in a business everyone thought was dead.
  • Google’s ultra high-speed Internet in Kansas City has helped spark a startup renaissance.
  • Food trucks are a really tough business, which is why many, like Kelvin Natural Slush, aim to transition towards wholesale.

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