Slow Sales Of PS3? Blame It On Marketing (SNE)

PS3 sales have been on the uptick this year. The system has beat out the Xbox 360 (MSFT) for two out of the first three months, and may have done it again in April.

So what’s the reason? Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai has a puzzling explanation. He says that Sony’s marketing of the system as an entertainment hub rather than a straight game system confused developers, and sales started to increase once he cleared everything up:

“Some of the third parties didn’t understand and they wanted to scale back a little and see how things went before they really put in their resources. But when I re-positioned the PS3 as a video games console at Tokyo Game Show I think everybody got that message loud and clear.”

We don’t think that any game developer really doubted that this was a video game console, nor do we think potential buyers were turned off by the marketing. In fact most people we know expected non-game features from the system, especially people who already used the PS2 as their primary DVD player.

So what’s more likely the cause of Sony’s recent successes? Sony won the hi-def format wars, the price of the system has gone down and there are more games to choose from now than there were 1.5 years ago. Pick one — or all three.

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